At Inspire Educamps we recognize that children today will need to succeed in a very different world than the one we have grown up in – a world that is completely outside the reach of traditional schooling.


We are a specialized education provider of summer camps and experiential learning working exclusively with International school Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC). We focus on educating essential life skills to young learners 5 to 13 years old. Applying a mindful holistic approach to activity-based learning, we use relevant educational concepts to prepare children with necessary life skills which can be practically applied in their future.


Our programme design team comprises of educational specialist from a variety of diverse backgrounds and leading international schools. Our team have expertise in IB Education (PYP | MYP | IB), STEM, Life Skills, Sports, Cooking and a number of other specialized areas connected to our programmes.


Inspire Educamps employs passionate and professional staff who are trained and supervised by our staff training specialist.


All staff are selected and placed based on their individual specialised areas relative to a particular summer or winter camp programme. Our minimum requirement is that our expat staff have a Degree, CELTA (or equivalent) and police background clearance meeting the requirements of our partner schools. All Inspire Educamps staff are carefully interviewed to establish that they are passionate about working with children and have the desired skills and good character.


Children today are faced with a very complex and fast changing world of information and technology in addition to the challenging journey of growing up and identifying who they are and making sense of the world they live in.



Inspire Educamps, through summer and winter camps is dedicated to assisting students on this journey by providing opportunities designed to empower children to be independent, self-reliant and happy individuals.



Through a holistic activity-based approach our focus is on life-skills learning which encourages creativity, collaboration, innovation and compassion with the vision to enable children to acquire the necessary skills to achieve their own personal goals and contribute to positive change.



Steve has over ten years’ experience in designing and running summer camps in Ho Chi Minh City for international and private schools. As a former teacher and senior administrator of one of the top IB Schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Steve understands how quality life-skills education programmes can greatly enhance children’s confidence and wellbeing.



Prior to being in education, Steve served in both the UK and Australian military and has traveled extensively. After the military Steve was involved in operating businesses both in the UK and Australia. These life experiences have contributed to a broader understanding of many aspects of life as a global citizen and from these combined experiences he has acquired a practical skill-set that can translate to the holistic life-skills education of children.

Holistic Education Advisors

Our Holistic Education Advisors are a team of specialist from a variety of backgrounds that are dedicated and passionate about what they do. Collectively our advisors believe in empowering children through holistic education values where the child will discover their own passions resulting in an energetic and positive approach to everything they do.

We believe that happy, empowered children will create wonderful things in the years to come, resulting in positive change!

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, Karen believes that children are infinitely creative, inquisitive, confident, imaginative thinkers and capable of making connections between ideas, feelings and relationships.


“Childhood is not a race to see who can read, write and count but a small window of time to imagine, to experience, to explore, to create, to play, to have fun and to learn. Reggio inspired classrooms create wonder and find joy at every turn”.


Karen has been involved in International Early Childhood Education as a teacher and administrator for over 35 years, in Canada, USA, Mexico and the Middle East developing and implementing language, art and music programs.  Karen is the recipient of regional and national awards in Canada for her innovative approach to second language learning in Early Childhood.

Suzanne is a humanitarian and advocate for children.  She has followed in her parents and grandparents footsteps coming from a long line of educators.  However, the education she offers is less academic in nature and focuses on human connection and spirituality.  Suzanne teaches yoga and mindfulness, and her mission is to empower people, help children to keep themselves safe and to raise the vibrations of families and schools.

Suzanne has 2 children of her own and hopes to leave this world in a better place by teaching yoga and mindfulness by empowering children to become positive influences, effective change makers and peace keepers of the world.

Voted in Asia Spa Magazine as;

“One of Asia’s Top Teachers” 


About Suzanne, E-RYT 500, RCYT, YACEP

  • A dedicated yogi for over 20 Years
  • Founder and pioneer of Vietnam’s first international standard yoga studio (Saigon Yoga, founded in 2003)
  • Suzanne has taught over 13,000 hours of yoga and mindfulness to people of all ages and cultures
  • Philanthropist and activist for humanitarian causes since 2003
  • Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainer, 200 – Hour Yoga for Wellness course since 2013
  • Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainer, 95 – Hour Children’s Yoga for Wellness since 2013
  • Global peace conference – delegate and representative for Vietnam, World Culture Festival which gathered 3.8 million people in the name of peace. India, 2015
  • Partner with Pacific Links Foundation to help prevent child trafficking, 2015
  • Kicked off Vietnam’s first mindfulness program at ISHCMC school, 2015
  • Founder of Jiva Studio Vietnam, 2017

The Art of Improvisation is the process of creating something from nothing.


Using a variety of exercises, games and theatrical practices, the students will be encouraged to wipe away their brain cobwebs, work collaboratively, enhance their communication skills and have a lot of fun discovering new aspects of ‘self’.


There is no make-up, costumes, set, lights, or even script in this type of theatre training. There is only the actor using the three main ingredients: Communication (listening, reacting, speaking….), Creativity (adding more to what is given, thinking outside the box…) and Self Awareness (body movement, gestures, voice…).


Emily is an explorer who likes to try everything at least once! She has an innate ability to spark imagination and increase your energy. She has used theatre in the classroom for many years and is passionate about its importance for developing confident, receptive and fun people. Emily is now a Professional Development Consultant, sharing her skills and knowledge on sparking creativity in young children with both parents and teachers in Ho Chi Minh City.

Dung, Bui Nguyen Bao (Teresa) is from Ho Chi Minh City. She graduated with a bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts from HCMC Conservatory of Music in 2008, majoring in Piano.


Teresa is the Managing Director of Artista Company Limited, which provides piano and instrument courses to over 200 students in Vietnam. Previously she worked with Australia International School (AIS) and ACG International School (Vietnam) to create their after-school music programme. Ms. Teresa is also the Vice Director, Head of Piano Department for Elite Arts Academy where she is responsible to develop various programs and activities for the entire organization. Ms. Teresa believes holistic learning is the key to unlock a child’s creativity. She encourages her students to participate actively in cultural activities and festivals. Her students have participated in the Ship for Southeast Asia Youth Program (SSEAYP), Music Tutorial Program for Children at Binh Thuan organized by Gia An Church and SEAMEX Festival in Malaysia 2017. Ms Dung is also a judge for Arts Festival for Asia Pacific show in Malaysia.

After 13 years in Hospitality and finding it challenging to combine her drive for healthy living, her care for the environment, and her career, Pascale embarked on a new direction in life which realized her natural ability towards coaching individuals and teams.  Pascale is a natural troubleshooter and passionate about team dynamics and helping people achieve their goals by using her Executive and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NPL) coaching skills.


Pascale loves wildlife and views children’s education as the only way to bridge the gap between humans and animals and to reconnect people with nature. She supports an international wolf non-profit organisation by facilitating videoconferences in Ho Chi Minh City international schools with the mission to teach students about trophic cascades – the importance of big predators on their ecosystem.


Pascale has been a plant-based eater since 2012 and is a partner of La Holista where her extensive skill-set, experience and passion have contributed greatly to its success to date.


Pascale is always looking for ways to further reduce her carbon footprint and live a more compassionate lifestyle.

Chiara is passionate about preparing delicious foods that are convenient to eat, using both her natural Italian cooking senses and her knowledge of holistic health. She uses her health coaching skills and functional medicine studies to create recipes, cook with young students and adults, and during one-on-one nutrition consultation for sport, gut, chronic disease, low energy, and other long-term issues.


Chiara is very passionate about creating a positive and healthy environment around active and healthy living which she believes should be an integral component of holistic education for children.


Chiara, originally from Italy, founded La Holista, a Holistic Health & Wellness company. She is a dedicated Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Functional Medicine Student.

Rob is passionate about enhancing fitness and performance through holistic training methods. This includes plant-based nutrition and the importance of rest and key workouts.


Rob grew up as a swimmer and more recently has been competing as an endurance athlete in triathlon, swimming and trail running.


He is the founder of the non-profit Saigon Swim Squad. He has a degree in Sport Development and Coaching and is a qualified primary school teacher completing his PGCE at the Institute of Education, University of London. He has a history of coaching both children and adults and is specialised in developing sport and fitness in both schools and communities.

Learning Content Design Team

Our Learning Content Design Team focus on taking each of our programme themes & concepts and developing fun age-appropriate activities that achieve the desired outcome. Our team members are experienced professionals in working with children of particular age groups. This enables our team to take concepts and themes and bring them alive in the minds of the children by connecting to their world!

We design learning experiences that connect with young minds in a way that inspires their interest to engage in learning new things through activity and play!”

From a small town in Eastern Canada, Amanda understands firsthand the importance of children interacting in a natural, holistic environment.


She came to Vietnam as the founding teacher of EtonHouse, Thao Dien.  Along with her Masters of Education Degree in K-6, Amanda brings with her fifteen years of experience teaching in Japan, South Korea, USA, Malaysia and the Middle East.  Amanda whole-heartedly believes in fostering community, developing relations with parents, and engaging children in opportunities that ignite creativity, encourage confidence in their abilities, and energize their little minds! 

Born in Italy, Chiara is passionate about Reggio Emilia education philosophy and has applied these learning principles in her teaching over the past 7 years in Venice, London and Ho Chi Minh City.


Chiara is an insatiable learner and a strong supporter of a constructivist approach to teaching which sees the child as the protagonist of their own growth. She does not consider herself as a teacher, but rather as a ‘facilitator of learning’.


Loris Malaguzzi – the founder of the Reggio Emilia approach – defines Teachers as ‘Professionals of Wonder’: an impeccable description of who she is daily!


Chiara believes that education for young learners is  celebrating the process of learning and nurturing curiosity, creativity, problem solving, lateral thinking, empathy and respect for the world around.


Chiara is an Early Childhood and Primary School dedicated professional holding a bachelor’s Degree in Cultural and Linguistic Mediation and a master’s Degree in teaching English to Young Learners. She is also a Qualified Kindergarten and Primary School Teacher in the UK and have attended an Educator Training Course in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

There is no good or bad performance in Art. It is the most intimate and personal way of expression and, we all learn how to respect each other’s vision of life through it.


Daniel’s passion lies within the ‘Arts’ where his creative and fun approach to learning sets the perfect environment for any young learner to be inspired! Daniel has been motivating children in our summer camps for the past 4 years where his sensitivity and compassion results in his great popularity with our students each year.


Daniel majored in Digital Studies and has 6 years’ experience working closely with primary students in Vietnam in the area of second language acquisition.

Eco Partners

Our Eco Partners are passionate, driven entrepreneurs that recognise there are ways to use their creativity and innovation to turns ideas into reality. Through this process they are inspiring others with their practical solutions that address real life problems.


Our Eco Partners share the belief that through each small action in the best interest of all, positive change can occur resulting in a better way forward for the future.

“Children will shape the world of tomorrow. We have a responsibility to ignite their interest and passion in areas that will encourage them to make choices that lead to living the happiest life possible with compassion for all living creatures and the environment. Our world, Our home!”

“My personal view on education is strongly influenced by my experience as an entrepreneur. The best way to learn is to do. Failure is simply a lesson learned”.

Thomas is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2009 with a double major in Marketing and Human Resources Development. He worked in education for 3 years in South Korea during which he received his first real taste for entrepreneurship while running an eCommerce business in Vietnam and the US. In 2013 he moved to Beijing, China to pursue a career in advertising. After co-founding AQblue in 2015, Thomas moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to help set up its manufacturing operations and oversee AQblue’s environmental initiatives.


AQblue (Malta -EU) was founded in 2015 by American entrepreneurs, Jeff Bauer and Thomas Druk, while living at ground zero for air pollution, Beijing, China. Unsatisfied with wearing standard work safety masks for protection, they set out to design a longer lasting, high efficiency air pollution mask that was also comfortable and colorful. AQblue was founded on the idea of creating a modern pollution mask. Not only modern in the sense of the mask technology itself, but also in its goals related to social and environmental responsibility. AQblue strives to make masks affordable through our sponsored masks program, increase are pollution awareness and education, and to reduce our mask’s environmental impact through our factory recycling initiatives.

Malou, born and raised under the clean and blue skies of Holland, witnessed severe pollution for the first time whilst living in Beijing.  As a runner and outdoor enthusiast, the pollution affected her firsthand, but it also made her consider what she could do to make a difference. The questions lingered for a long time, and the urge to act became even stronger when snorkeling; looking at the wonders of the underwater world, shocked and amazed to find the bottom of the sea lined with plastic waste.


Malou believes that there are small things in our daily life, so obvious and easy, that we often overlook.  She tries to act according to her beliefs in daily life, and is convinced that if we all try a little harder, we can make a big impact; riding your bicycle to work, taking your own shopping bag to the supermarket, trying to reduce the purchases of  produce packed in plastic.


Realizing it is hard to avoid plastic entirely, Roberto and Malou came up with the idea of replacing plastic bags by a 100% eco-friendly solution; WAVE products. So simple, so clean, so green!

Together with Malou, Roberto is a key member in this project. He is passionate about discovering the world and especially nature. As he has lived in Asia for over 10 years, and has travelled back and forth to Mexico frequently, witnessing the global problem of plastic waste firsthand. He has seen the natural splendor and beauty in the many paradises that he has visited; rivers, forests, oceans, but unfortunately most places are polluted by plastic bags you take away from supermarkets. Seeing the serious environmental problem we are facing and the lack of social action, motivated him to find a solution; while at the same time raise awareness among others so that together we can tackle this problem.


Roberto, like you, has not given up and he expects you to join and support more similar projects, products and campaigns. As he says, “the solution is there, it’s time to stop talking and start acting!”


“At WAVE, we are driven by a genuine commitment to change the environment for the better!”

Living in an environmentally friendly way is not only a concern, it is also a way of life in which every small activity in daily life requires attention.”


Quyen is passionate about ‘Organic living’ where she spends her life with love for animals and nature.  She believes that her own personal role in minimizing negative impact on the environment is not enough as community involvement is required to create the necessary impact to create positive change to the suffering environment.


Through Quyen’s initiative, creativity and innovation she has developed ‘alternative to plastic products’ where she endeavors to reduce the impact of plastic waste as her products expand in popularity with the people of Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam.


Quyen is also the co-owner of The Organik House Vegetarian Restaurant in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

AquaGrowGreens was started with the mission of providing an easy and affordable way for anyone who wants to eat trustable and reliable produce, that can be grown by each individual!


 Our Vision is to:

Use innovation, brilliant design and earth-friendly materials to help humanity eat daily portions of delicious, nutritious and trustworthy herbs, sprouts, fruits and vegetables wherever they may be.”


AquaGrowGreens is the gold standard of personal hydroponic systems on the market. From simple and affordable to large and complex, our systems are well designed, tested and manufactured. We use food-safe materials, so you are at ease with our products improving your diet, health and quality of life. It is our vision that someday people will use our products to grow food in space…and beyond. For now, let’s make green things happen together!


Founded in 2016 and incorporated in 2017, based in Vietnam, AquaGrowGreens uses Dutch and Japanese technology overseen by a team of Vietnamese and Dutch engineers. We design and produce personal hydroponic farm kits for consumers who wish to have an easy method for growing healthy, pesticide-free greens you can trust at home or in the office.

Contact Info: Office: +84 (0) 28 7300 0419

Email: hello@aquagrowgreens.com | Website: www.AquaGrowGreens.com | Facebook: http://facebook.com/aquagrowgreens

Let’s make it happen!


“Caring for our environment and community should be something usual, not exceptional!”


Explorer, enthusiast & engineer, Nestor has worked in advertising for more than 15 years, then decided to make a break from the corporate sector to travel the world.


During his travels he made a promise to himself to spend his time and efforts on meaningful projects, surrounding himself with good people who share the same passions that would help him to grow as a person.


In 2016 Nestor co-founded LiK Vietnam, a creative DiY platform and building game based on eco-wooden blocks. “Creativity, imagination, patience, manual dexterity and self-confidence are some of the values and skills that you acquire and improve by playing with LiK!”


LiK is all about bringing families and people together, understanding the importance of preserving our environment, connecting it with the community and realizing that we are capable of more that we can imagine.


In 2018, I stared the EcoSpark project. A platform that pursues offering trustable and reliable information, solutions and alternatives to some of our most significant environmental challenges such as, reduce and replace plastics in our daily lives, recycle, reuse and reform plastics and garbage.


Nestor believes that children will play an essential role in adjusting our attitude towards caring for the environment.  Through their passion and innitiatives, this will lead to the creation of positive and sustainable change.

Mai is a curious individual who loves nature and adventures.  She  is the founder and director of INGO, a social venture aiming to help young generations re-discover Vietnamese cultural heritage through hands-on experiences, starting with a DIY kit to promote a dwindling 500-year-old art known as Dong Ho woodblock printing.


Mai is also active in the maker and grassroot innovator community nationally and internationally, having supported Fablab Saigon – Vietnam’s first makerspace to grow from a weekend club to a host of the 4th Fablab Asia Network Conference in Ho Chi Minh City. Prior to that, Mai managed industrial automation projects for a global robotics company.


Mai believes that crafts and indigenous knowledge lay a foundation for sustainable developments and cultural identity, and that we should look at nature more often to find solutions for environmental challenges in Vietnam.

Change VN

Starting from the marketing department, Thu found her true calling towards the 3rd P – Planet from triple bottom line (Profit, People, Planet). Thu came to this realization after a study about Vietnamese peoples’ attitude towards eco-friendly products. Since then, she has been trying to inspire hundreds of individual and the corporate sector to advocate and support environmental movement in Vietnam, by meaningful win-win partnerships and crowdfunding campaigns.


Believing that:


“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want”

– Anna Lappe


Thu with her colleagues at CHANGE VN are developing iCHANGE Plastics campaign in 2018 to reduce single use plastics consumption, starting from individual behavior changes to business eco-solution adoption.

www.changevn.org or www.facebook.com/CHANGEvn |https://www.facebook.com/thuueh