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summer camps 2024


Age: 5 to 15 yrs
Campus: ISHCMC Secondary (District 2)
Duration: 5 weeks
Dates: 24 June to 26 July


Age: 5 to 15 yrs
Campus: CIS (District 7)
Duration: 5 weeks
Dates: 24 June to 26 July

Why Inspire edu camps?

Amazing Staff

Inspireeducamps employs passionate and professional staff who are trained and supervised by our Programme Director. All our staff are background checked and cleared by Avvanz in Singapore.

Unique Programmes​

Our summer camps are designed by a passionate team of international educators with real life experience! We create a learning environment that is both fun and inspiring as we guide children to think for themselves!

World Class Facilities​

The facilities at ISHCMC are second to none at our amazing partner schools – International School Ho Chi Minh City and International School Ho Chi Minh City American Academy. 

How we think is everything!


"This summer camp was such a great experience for my daughter (Seulah Kwon). If the camp is still held in the winter, my daughter would love to participate."

Mrs. Jongwon Choi
Mother of Seulah Kwon

"Had a fun time with his friends during the course and we wish to come back in the next summer camp."

Mrs. Le Tran Quynh Huong
Mother of Louis Tri Nguyen

"He (Keiichi) enjoyed each day of the camp. Thank you so much ☺️"

Mrs. Risa TAI
Mother of Keiichi

"Jenna enjoyed the last 2 weeks a lot and she would like to take the opportunity to also attend the next week."

Mrs. Linda Weinzierl
Mother of Jenna

"She (Kasia) has enjoyed your summer camp enormously. Looked forward to it every day!"

Mr. Fabrice Herchuel
Father of Kasia

"We are very happy at summer camp, and already expecting to book next year. The summer camp was brilliant. Timothy really enjoyed the winter camp.”

Father of Timothy from BIS - Summer Camp 2020

"Jay and JJ really enjoyed the program!"

Mother of Jay and JJ from ISHCMC - Winter Camp 2020

"…Hope she had a wonderful day again. She seems to enjoy the camp very much, and she even cried to know that she has only 4 more days. Please say hello to E1’s teachers for me."

Mother of Emma Oda from ISHCMC

"Our children overcame the barrier of fear of going to the new school. Today, the children come home from school with a very good mood."

Mother of Minh Chau & Minh Anh from BVIS

"Thank you so much!! You guys are the best and I can’t tell you how happy we’ve been with this camp!"

Father of Tyler Garvey from ISHCMC