At Inspire Educamps we recognize that children today will need to succeed in a very different world than the one we have grown up in – a world that is completely outside the reach of traditional schooling.


We are a specialized education provider of experiential learning summer and winter camps working exclusively with top International schools in Ho Chi Minh City. We focus on educating essential life skills to young learners 5 to 13 years old. Applying a mindful holistic approach to activity-based learning, we use relevant educational concepts to prepare children with necessary life skills which can be practically applied in their future.


Our programme design team comprises of educational specialist from a variety of diverse backgrounds and leading international schools. Our team have expertise in IB Education (PYP | MYP | IB), STEM, Life Skills, Sports, Cooking and a number of other specialized areas connected to our programmes.


Inspire Educamps employs passionate and professional staff who are trained and supervised by our staff training specialist.


All staff are selected and placed based on their individual specialised areas relative to a particular summer or winter experiential learning camp programme. Our minimum requirement is that our expat staff have a Degree, CELTA (or equivalent) and police background clearance meeting the requirements of our partner schools. All Inspire Educamps staff are carefully interviewed to establish that they are passionate about working with children and have the desired skills and good character.


Children today are faced with a very complex and fast changing world of information and technology in addition to the challenging journey of growing up and identifying who they are and making sense of the world they live in. Inspire Educamps, through our summer and winter experiential learning camps is dedicated to assisting students on this journey by providing opportunities designed to empower children to be independent, self-reliant and happy individuals. Through a holistic activity-based approach our focus is on life-skills learning which encourages creativity, collaboration, innovation and compassion with the vision to enable children to acquire the necessary skills to achieve their own personal goals and contribute to positive change.


We are very happy at summer camp, and already expecting to book next year. The summer camp was brilliant. Timothy really enjoyed the winter camp.”

Mr. Thomas Jakobsen

Father of Timothy from BIS - Summer Camp 2020
Jay and JJ really enjoyed the program!

Mrs. Helen Hong

Mother of Jay and JJ from ISHCMC - Winter Camp 2020
…Hope she had a wonderful day again. She seems to enjoy the camp very much, and she even cried to know that she has only 4 more days. Please say hello to E1’s teachers for me.

Mrs. Aya Oda

Mother of Emma Oda from ISHCMC
Our children overcame the barrier of fear of going to the new school. Today, the children come home from school with a very good mood.

Mrs. Truc Linh

Mother of Minh Chau & Minh Anh from BVIS
Thank you so much!! You guys are the best and I can’t tell you how happy we’ve been with this camp!

Mr. Matthew Garvey

Father of Tyler Garvey from ISHCMC