CIS Eco-Tech 2024

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- Week 1 (24 - 28/06) - H20 - We Are Water
- Week 2 (01/07 - 05/07) - WASTE - Recycling Innovation
- Week 3 (08 - 12/07) - EVs - The Electric Revolution
- Week 4 (15 - 19/07) - SOLAR - The Power of the Sun
- Week 5 (22 - 26/07) - LIFE - Eco-friendly living
NOTICE: BUS FEE EXCLUDED FROM GRAND TOTAL. The Canadian International School (CIS) Bus Manager will contact you by email to complete the School Bus booking and payment. School BUS is available for door to door pick up and drop off from the Locations listed above.
Please follow format DD/MM/YYYY
Which school is your child currently attending?
Does your child have any allergies, other medical conditions or taking any regular medication? *If you tick yes below please provide further details in the next step.
Please note that the school nurse will call an ambulance if a child has been deemed by first aid to need this assistance. Parents will be notified immediately if an ambulance is required to treat the injury or severe condition.
Please give details and management of any condition that your child has (e.g., Asthma, Diabetes, Allergies). Please rate your child’s condition:
If your child’s condition is rated as moderate or high severity, please provide the school with an Action Plan for the management of this condition. Please note that student emergency information for these students will be made available to their teachers and their information and action plan will be displayed in all staff rooms.
Please list any medication your child uses (i.e., Ventolin, insulin) including dosage and times to be administered. If your child requires medication during school hours, it is expected that parents provide the appropriate medication for this child to the school medical center, where it will be kept in a named folder and dispensed as required: - Medication - Dosage - Time to be administered
Is there any other information pertaining to this child that the school should be aware of? (e.g., Dietary needs)
- Any medication that is required should be brought to school by the parents and given directly to the school nurse, not carried by the child.
- If your child is unwell, parents will be called to collect them from the school Medical Centre. Children are expected to be collected within 1 hour from calling parents.
- Unwell children should not be medicated and sent to camp.
- Any medication that is required should be brought to school by the parents and given directly to the school nurse, not carried by the child. - If your child is unwell, parents will be called to collect them from the school Medical Centre. Children are expected to be collected within 1 hour from calling parents. - Unwell children should not be medicated and sent to camp.
Summer Camps held at Canadian International School (CIS)
Booking All bookings must be made through our online system. Full payment, via credit card or bank transfer, confirms your agreement to these terms. An email confirmation will be sent post-booking.
Refund Policy Camps must be fully pre-paid. Once booked, no refunds are available for cancellations, late arrivals, or early departures. Camp dates may be changed with 10 days’ prior notice, subject to availability.
Changing Your Booking Changes to camp dates are free of charge, subject to availability, if requested 10 days before the start date. Email [email protected] for changes. Note: Changes are only valid within the same season of the camp.
Camp Closure In case of closure due to medical events or other circumstances, no refunds are provided. However, credit for the remaining full weeks will be issued, valid for any Inspireeducamps until July 30th of the following year.
Insurance All children are covered by Personal Accident Insurance. Details of coverage and exclusions are outlined in the ‘Disclaimer below:
First Aid In case of accidents, first aid will be provided, and emergency services contacted if necessary. Parents must provide any essential medication to the on-campus nurse.
Photography and Video We use photos and videos of camp activities for promotional purposes. Please inform us at booking if you do not consent to your child's image being used.
Data Protection Your data is collected and used in compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and Vietnamese data protection laws, ensuring the safety and welfare of your child while maintaining data privacy and security.
Safeguarding and Child Protection We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive environment for all children, with zero tolerance for discrimination or bullying.
Special Needs Children with special needs are welcomed. To discuss accommodations and support, please contact us before booking at [email protected] . We are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive environment for all children.
Child Exclusion We reserve the right to exclude children whose behavior affects the well-being of others, with no refund for remaining days. Any associated costs are the parent's responsibility.
Parent Feedback We value your feedback. Please share your positive experiences and reach out with any concerns or suggestions for improvement at [email protected] . Your insights help us continually enhance our camp experience.
Confirmation By booking, you confirm the accuracy of your information and understand the risks involved in camp activities.
1. Inspire Education Camps (IEC) and The Canadian International School (CIS) are committed to complying with the law, ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of students when participating in the summer camp program.

2. Inspire Education Camps has purchased Personal Accident Insurance for all students enrolled in summer camps, with specific insurance benefits:
- This insurance provides the following compensation in the event of Total/Partial permanent disablement of the Insured students caused by accident relating to school activities whilst:
- On school campus during normal school hours.
- Joining school activities sanctioned by the school, as a participant or a spectator.
(a) Death or Permanent Disablement: Sum Insured US$10,000
(i) In case of Death or Total Permanent Disablement (81% or above): full sum insured for a particular Insured Student;
(ii) In case of Partial Permanent Disablement: Compensation as per Scale of compensation;
(b) Medical Expenses: Sum Insured US$3,000/person/camp Medical Expenses (Emergency Costs, Surgical and Hospitalization Costs, Medicine) up to the limit selected by the Insured.

3. Personal accident insurance excludes compensation obligations in the following cases:
- On daily transportation by school bus.

4. Parents agree to allow IECs and Schools to seek emergency medical services for Parents and/or their children in the event of injury or illness during the Summer Camp Program. Parents will be responsible for any costs incurred if the injury or illness is not the fault of the IEC and the School.

5. Parents agree to allow their children to appear in promotional photos and videos related to summer camp. Registration information and contact details will be shared with the school.

6. The school and IEC are exempt from all responsibilities in the event of force majeure events such as: earthquake, tsunami, war, epidemic, protest, strike,... When force majeure events occur, the Parties are exempt from liability for damages incurred, if any.

7. The school and IEC are exempt from liability for compensation in case if parents and students participating in the program do not follow the instructions, rules and regulations of the summer camp program, arbitrarily move to another location without the consent of the authorized person.

8. Any complaints or reflections about the Program, please contact via email: [email protected] .
Please follow the same process as ISHCMC from this point for checkout.
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