Week 1: ATTITUDE 26 – 30 June
Week 2: AI 3 – 7 July
Week 3: LOOK 10 - 14 July
Week 4: TRY 17 – 21 July
Week 5: KEY 24 – 28 July
Week 1: ATTITUDE 26 – 30 June
Week 2: AI 3 – 7 July
Week 3: LOOK 10 - 14 July
Week 4: TRY 17 – 21 July
Week 5: KEY 24 – 28 July
Week 1: ATTITUDE 26 – 30 June
Week 2: AI 3 – 7 July
Week 3: LOOK 10 - 14 July
Week 4: TRY 17 – 21 July
Week 5: KEY 24 – 28 July
NOTICE: BUS FEE EXCLUDED FROM GRAND TOTAL. The Canadian International School (CIS) Bus Manager will contact you by email to complete the School Bus booking and payment. School BUS is available for door to door pick up and drop off from the Locations listed above.
Please follow format DD/MM/YYYY
Which school is your child currently attending?
Does your child have any allergies, other medical conditions or taking any regular medication? *If you tick yes below we will contact you directly by email for further details.
Please list any additional information such as special needs, dietary requirements etc.
All bookings are taken through our online booking system. Full payment is taken by credit card or Bank Transfer at the end of the booking transaction and then an email confirmation of your booking is sent. Full payment is regarded as acceptance of the booking conditions. Please ensure that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions before confirmation and payment for your booking.
All camps are fully pre-paid prior to the relevant camp commencement date. Once you have confirmed your camp by making payment, no cancellations or refunds will be allowed, including for late arrival or early departure from the camp. You are allowed to change your camp booking to another date if 10 days’ prior written notice is given to us and subject to availability. Please see below for more clarification on changing your camp booking date.
You may make changes to your camp booking. Changes can be made by emailing our Admin Staff at [email protected] up to 10 days prior to the start date of the camp commencement date. In the event that you wish to change your camp booking to a future date within the same camp, you may do so free of charge, subject to availability. In the event that you wish to change your booking to a future camp, additional fees may apply.
In the event of a medical event or circumstance within or affecting Inspireeducamps and/or Vietnam that requires Inspireeducamps to be closed including, by the relevant Vietnamese authorities, Inspireeducamps will not be obliged to refund all or any part of the fees for any period of closure. In this situation, Inspireeducamps will make arrangements, where practicable, to ensure continuity of camp activities or failing which, will issue a credit note for the remaining full weeks of camp registration which will be valid until the end of the summer camp season for the following year which will be July 30th . Credits will be valid for booking into any Inspireeducamps summer camps at COGNITA Schools Vietnam.
All children in our care are covered by our Public Liability Insurance but please ensure your child has up to date Accident and Medical Insurance.
In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered to children in our care, and the emergency services will be called if necessary, unless advised to the contrary. During our holiday camps, essential medication must be handed in to the Nurse located on campus in the Health Centre for safekeeping when your child/children first arrive for camp.
Please be aware that we take photographs and video of children taking part in camp for our promotional material, social media content and website videos. This content will be captured by our designated Inspireeducamps Marketing team. Please advise our Admin Staff at the time of booking if you have any objections to photographs being taken and used for marketing materials like banners, digital marketing or on our website.
You consent to Inspireeducamps collecting, using, retaining and disclosing personal data provided to Inspireeducamps, for the purposes of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of your child, and where necessary, for the legitimate interests of Inspireeducamps and ensuring that all relevant legal obligations of Inspireeducamps are complied with. You give your consent to such collection, use, processing and disclosure provided that at all times any collection, use, processing or disclosure of personal data is done lawfully and fairly in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Act No. 26 of 2012). You also consent to Inspireeducamps’s affiliates issuing promotional materials to your email address as provided to Inspireeducamps for marketing.
Inspireeducamps is an equal opportunity employer and also welcomes all children, regardless of their gender, ability, race or religion. Each child attending camp is of equal value and is entitled to equal access of opportunity. We operate a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination or bullying of any kind. We are committed to keeping children safe and to ensure that we embed a culture of care at the centre of our decision making.
It is our policy not to exclude any child due to special needs, wherever possible. The needs of each child varies, so decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, depending on the level of support each individual child requires to enable him/her to fully participate in and enjoy activities at Inspireeducamps. We request that parents of children with special needs contact our Inspireeducamps Head Office, prior to booking, to discuss how we can best accommodate their children and consider whether any special arrangements need to be made.
On rare occasions, a child proves incompatible with the general well-being of camp (e.g., bullying, disruptive or aggressive behaviour, special needs not previously notified to Inspireeducamps management). We reserve the right to exclude such children. No refund will be made for any remaining camp days booked, and any costs associated with the child’s exclusion, including transport home, will be the parent’s responsibility.
We aim to provide the best possible care for all children at Inspireeducamps, at all times. Please tell other parents if you are happy with your experience! If you have concerns or suggestions, please tell us. We value your feedback and will use it to develop and improve our services. Concerns should be raised initially with your child’s Teaching Assistant or the Inspireeducamps Site Manager for more serious issues who will inform the Inspireeducamps Managing Director and will attempt to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.
I confirm that all information provided in the online form is accurate and complete. I understand that although my child/children will be supervised by Inspireeducamps staff, I assume the risk for my child’s/children’s participation in the camp and its activities.
1. Inspire Education Camps (IEC) and The Canadian International School (CIS) are committed to complying with the law, ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of students when participating in the summer camp program.

2. Inspire Education Camps has purchased Personal Accident Insurance for all students enrolled in summer camps, with specific insurance benefits:
- This insurance provides the following compensation in the event of Total/Partial permanent disablement of the Insured students caused by accident relating to school activities whilst:
- On school campus during normal school hours.
- Joining school activities sanctioned by the school, as a participant or a spectator.
(a) Death or Permanent Disablement: Sum Insured US$10,000
(i) In case of Death or Total Permanent Disablement (81% or above): full sum insured for a particular Insured Student;
(ii) In case of Partial Permanent Disablement: Compensation as per Scale of compensation;
(b) Medical Expenses: Sum Insured US$3,000/person/camp Medical Expenses (Emergency Costs, Surgical and Hospitalization Costs, Medicine) up to the limit selected by the Insured.

3. Personal accident insurance excludes compensation obligations in the following cases:
- On daily transportation by school bus.

4. Parents agree to allow IECs and Schools to seek emergency medical services for Parents and/or their children in the event of injury or illness during the Summer Camp Program. Parents will be responsible for any costs incurred if the injury or illness is not the fault of the IEC and the School.

5. Parents agree to allow their children to appear in promotional photos and videos related to summer camp. Registration information and contact details will be shared with the school.

6. The school and IEC are exempt from all responsibilities in the event of force majeure events such as: earthquake, tsunami, war, epidemic, protest, strike,... When force majeure events occur, the Parties are exempt from liability for damages incurred, if any.

7. The school and IEC are exempt from liability for compensation in case if parents and students participating in the program do not follow the instructions, rules and regulations of the summer camp program, arbitrarily move to another location without the consent of the authorized person.

8. Any complaints or reflections about the Program, please contact via email: [email protected] or hotline: 0528 171 042
Grand total

E-Study has partnered with Inspireeducamps – the provider of summer camps to the top international schools in Ho Chi Minh City to create a unique activity-based learning summer camp experience at Canadian International School. 


Our five-week (25 day) Summer Camp is divided into weekly themes. Each theme stands alone as a unique project-based learning experience. Students will interact with the weekly theme through a fun mix of sports, team-building, activities, cooking classes, weekly projects and life-skills.


The goal of each weekly theme is to expose students to unique learning opportunities linked to personal vision and growth mindset. With a focus on building confidence, these individual learning experiences will help guide students on their larger journey as lifelong learners.