TAS Summer Camp 2021

Our five-week (25 day) Summer Camp is divided into weekly themes.  Each theme stands alone as a unique project-based learning experience.  Students will interact with the weekly theme through a fun mix of sports, team building, activities, cooking classes, weekly projects and life-skills.  

The weekly themes will be delivered by our qualified EAL Teachers where they will engage the students in a differentiated learning environment, fully supporting EAL learners.

The goal of each weekly theme is to expose students to ‘thinking forward’ about the future, identifying with their own passions and personal goals, with a commitment to building self-confidence.

By looking at disruptive new industries and technological advancements, we explore the endless possibilities and exiting future of the world that our children will live in.

Our key focus for American Summer Camp 2021 is to guide children with their personal vision and growth mindset as they engage in fun and interesting activities. The weekly projects will support students to increase their confidence in using English Language as they engage in inquiry-based learning experiences designed to guide students on their larger journey as lifelong learners.   

Dates (28 JUNE – 30 JULY)

Week 1:  28 June – 02 July   

Week 2:  05 – 09 July      

Week 3:  12 – 16 July    

Week 4:  19 – 23 July    

Week 5:  26 – 30 July

Days & Times

Monday to Friday each week 8.30 am to 3pm

Age (5 to 13yrs)

Summer Camp is open to students from all schools (5 to 13 years old)


Although the Summer Camp Programme follows the same weekly themes for all ages, the content varies greatly as it is designed for specific age-appropriate delivery. Students are grouped in age categories:


– 5 years old
– 6/7 years old
– 8/9 years old
– 10/11 years old
– 12/13 years old

Example Weekly Timetable:

WEEK 1 (28 – 02 july)

Electric Vehicles (EVs) 


Imagine a world where the cars are not pumping out exhaust fumes and polluting the air we breathe. Imagine a world where cars can drive by themselves and do not need a driver! Well, this  technology exists right now.

 In the USA, TESLA is leading the charge to develop electric vehicles which will bring a massive change to the future of cars.


What’s so good about EVs?

How will EVs help the environment?

How can an EV drive by itself?

What will it be like in 2030?          


Project Focus = IMAGINATION

Life Skills Focus = CREATIVITY

WEEK 2 (05 July - 09 July)

Power of Nature is all about how we convert nature’s energy into usable energy. There are some mazing innovations from companies in the USA that are leading us to a cleaner tomorrow!

How can we use the wind to power our homes?

Can sea water (waves) create electricity?

How can the sun charge my iPhone?

Children will learn that by thinking differently we can create new ways to do things. These new ways will help form the future where we will have less negative impact on planet Earth’s resources. 



WEEK 3 (12 - 16 jULY)

GREEN ENERGY  looks at all the different ways that we use energy in our lives.

We know how we can create energy from nature, but how will we use this energy and other technologies to improve life?


What new inventions can you think of?

What problem would your invention solve?

How would it work?

What technology is used?

How will you power your invention?


Children are guided through the process of the ‘design cycle’ with a focus on ‘thinking outside the box’.



Week 4 (19 -23 July)

Space and Time

Is an exploration into space! Most of the time we live our lives without thinking too much about what is happening in space. Well, there is a lot going on up there right now!


What is space?

Where have we been in space?

What technology have humans put up in space?

What is up there right now?

How does space relate to time? 


These questions and more will be investigated in our project week of Space & Time!



Week 5 (26 - 30 July)

To the Moon

Is about thinking without limitations and imagining a world that expands beyond planet Earth to the stars!


Could we live in space?

Can we get to planet Mars?

Is it possible to live on another planet?

How would we do it?


There is a company in the USA right now working on the answers and solution to these questions. The company is of course TESLA. The leader of this company Mr. Elon Musk thinks that we can do these things.


What do you think ?


The most important question to ask is, 

These questions and more will be investigated in our project week of Space & Time!



Confidence | Positivity | Critical Thinking | Growth Mindset | Keys for Success


Life skills activity sessions, through engaging fun activities, will connect students to weekly core values. These sessions are designed to have practical understanding and outcomes for children that can be applied to their everyday life.


Inquiry-based projects are designed in-line with each weekly theme to guide students to investigate their interests related to the topics and guiding questions.


Teambuilding focuses on boosting confidence and promoting self-esteem. Children are encouraged to learn the true value of collaboration in activities to achieve collective goals through synergy.


Put down the iPad, mobile phones, switch off the TV and get active! Sports games and activities for children help develop movement skills, confidence, and their love of being active.


Fun in the kitchen and such a valuable life skill! Children will learn about various baking and cooking styles and techniques where they are introduced to the various ingredients to form foods from sweet to savory (with a focus on healthy options).


Activity sessions are art & craft-based activities that link closely to each weekly theme. Using age-appropriate techniques and materials, children will engage in interesting activities designed to challenge their creative thinking skills.