Our Staff

Inspireeducamps employs passionate and professional staff who are trained and supervised by our staff training specialist. All staff are selected and placed based on their individual specialized areas relative to a particular summer or winter camp programme. Our minimum requirement is that our expat staff have a Degree, an ESL qualification (CELTA or equivalent) and police background clearance meeting the requirements of our partner schools. All Inspire Educamps staff are carefully interviewed to establish that they are passionate about working with children and have the desired skills and good character.

Management Team

Children today are faced with a very complex and fast changing world of information and technology in addition to the challenging journey of growing up and identifying who they are and making sense of the world they live in. Inspireeducamps, through summer and winter camps is dedicated to assisting students on this journey by providing opportunities designed to empower children to be independent, self-reliant and happy individuals. Through a holistic activity-based approach our focus is on life-skills learning which encourages creativity, collaboration, innovation and compassion with the vision to enable children to acquire the necessary skills to achieve their own personal goals and contribute to positive change.

Steve Lanning
Managing Director

Steve has over sixteen years’ experience in designing and running summer camps in Ho Chi Minh City for international and private schools. As a former teacher and senior administrator of one of the top IB Schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Steve understands how quality life-skills education programmes can greatly enhance children’s confidence and wellbeing.

Prior to being in education, Steve served in both the UK and Australian military and has traveled extensively. After the military Steve was involved in operating businesses both in the UK and Australia. These life experiences have contributed to a broader understanding of many aspects of life as a global citizen and from these combined experiences he has acquired a practical skill-set that can translate to the holistic life-skills education of children.

Dr. Clive Keevil
Academic Director

Clive’s career in international schools’ education spans over more than 30 years! He has enjoyed a career that has given him the opportunity of working across all phases of education from pre-school to university in the UK, Australia, USA, UK, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Africa, Dubai and the throughout the Middle East. With a PhD in ‘Equal Access to Educational Choice’, Clive’s educational philosophy is focussed on a holistic approach to learning:


“Students must be encouraged to seek excellence in all that they do and not settle for second best. This sense of excellence cannot be labelled but must permeate through the experience of each child’s learning experience. The formal years of education are a critically important time when students are discovering who they are, what they value, what they enjoy and where they are headed.” .

Clive’s most recent appointments include Executive Director at Vietnam International School (VAS), Executive Principal at Australian International School (AIS) and Director of Operations at GEMS Education Global. Clive’s current involvement in international education is as the Director of Incline Consultancy, a company started by Clive over three years ago with the vision to support international schools globally to achieve excellence in educational standards.

Rodney Stone
Director of Business Development

Rodney is a Chartered Accountant and a former International school Business Manager at one of the top international schools in Vietnam where he gained a wealth of understanding and experience in the effective management of school education-based operations and programmes. Rodney has also consulted to several other tier 1 International Schools in South East Asia and Europe.


With a focus on attaining standards of learning and achievement within a school, Rodney is well-positioned to lead the regional growth of Inspire Educamps programmes provided to children in international schools in 2023 and beyond. 

Community Outreach (Thanh Loc Project) Founded by Rodney in 2008, the Thanh Loc Project is a non-profit organization with the vision to alleviate poverty in an area in South West Vietnam by developing long term, sustainable solutions that provide practical support for children and families.

Through Rodney’s passion and ongoing dedication, he has achieved outstanding results in providing much needed housing and more than 1000 years of education scholarships for local poor families. Inspire Educamps is proud to support Rodney’s work with the local children and families in Vietnam.

Holistic Education Specialists

Our Holistic Education Specialists are from a variety of educational backgrounds and life experiences. Our specialists are dedicated and passionate about taking each of our programme themes & concepts and developing fun age-appropriate activities that achieve the desired outcomes. 

Our Specialists are experienced professionals in working with children of particular age groups. This enables our team to take concepts and themes and bring them alive in the minds of the children by connecting to their world! We design learning experiences that connect with young minds in a way that inspires their interest to engage in learning new things through activity-based learning. 

Collectively our team believe in empowering children through holistic education values where the child will discover their own passions resulting in an energetic and positive approach to everything they do.

Karen Kean
Director of Early Childhood Learning

Karen has been involved in International Early Childhood Education as a teacher and administrator for over 35 years, in Canada, USA, Mexico and the Middle East developing and implementing language, art and music programmess. Karen is the recipient of regional and national awards in Canada for her innovative approach to second language learning in Early Childhood.

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, Karen believes that children are infinitely creative, inquisitive, confident, imaginative thinkers and capable of making connections between ideas, feelings and relationships.

“Childhood is not a race to see who can read, write and count but a small window of time to imagine, to experience, to explore, to create, to play, to have fun and to learn. Reggio inspired classrooms create wonder and find joy at every turn”.

Daniel Garcia
Arts Coordinator

Daniel’s passion lies within the ‘Arts’ where his creative and fun approach to learning sets the perfect environment for any young learner to be inspired! Daniel has been motivating children in our summer camps for the past 8 years where his sensitivity and compassion results in his great popularity with our students each year. Daniel majored in Digital Studies and has 8 years’ experience working closely with primary students in Vietnam in the area of second language acquisition.

There is no good or bad performance in Art. It is the most intimate and personal way of expression and, we all learn how to respect each other’s vision of life through it.